'Oh, I wish I were with you up above
So we both might make love afresh each day
And pen grand sonnets that no man shall shove
Out of their dying yet unending way.'

Read here: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/09/03/wish-i-were-with-you/

'A speech or narration is a compilation of words or sentences uttered by the speaker. It is simply the manifestation of #thoughts in the form of spoken words.'

Read here: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/09/02/everything-you-ought-to-know-about-direct-and-indirect-speech/

'The scene was set before the Moon was seen;
Each twilight hour rendered the bliss they’d missed
On lanes of a town that lay well between
Two rivers now dry, thanks to rains dismissed.'

A sextain by Stavyah Vatsarah

Read here: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/09/01/the-scene-was-set/

We need time to learn the craft, time to make mistakes, and time to write the terrible novel – that painful but invaluable schoolmaster. We need time to write that brilliant novel, and time to sell that to the right publishing house: Author Anne Merino

Read here: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/08/30/nothing-is-ever-really-the-proverbial-overnight-phenomenon-avers-author-anne-merino/

'Like the Sun that shines, radiating bright light,
A guru disseminates thoughts lofty and nice.
Using his power, directness, and mystical might,
Pulls you out of every single and dangerous vice.'

READ HERE: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2020/08/01/remember-thy-guru/

'Oh, the birds greet mirth and mirth births love
When winds wind their ways through woods of this land;
And the days turn sound with the nights that shove
The light that brightens the homes that here stand.'

READ HERE: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/08/20/winds-and-ways/

Keep #writing. Get those #reviews, enter those contests, and hope for the best. Make your work attractive to the money people. And understand that, to publishers, it’s business. They want to make money. #Art is secondary: Author Barbara Schnell

Read the interview in its entirety here: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/08/03/if-you-want-to-do-something-well-you-have-to-do-it-regularly/

'Lightnings of fury and pain
Were flung to burn a painful hole
Through its joyful core.
They kept pricking it,
Trying their best to cause- destruction;
But it wasn't built to shatter.'

Read here: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/08/02/the-night-of-destruction/

'Right here where tough deodars burgeoned for years
With blooming flower beds and brazened beasts,
I now behold concrete blocks with my peers
And swirls of dust rising upon tarred streets'

Read here: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/07/30/bygone/

You need to write your own stories. Follow your heart. Rejection hurts, and there are times I need to take a break from querying. But you are the only one who can tell your story: Author Cat Ritchie

Read here: https://literaryjuggernaut.org/2021/07/28/you-are-the-only-one-that-can-tell-your-story/

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