'The waters of the seas are stilled
And the serene moon
Casts its benign regard
Over the placid scene below
Dispensing blandishments
Upon the seascape entire'

by D A Simpson

Read here: https://literaryjuggernaut.com/2021/01/21/stilled-waters-serene-scene/

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'What suggests autumn’s beginning you think?
Time when leaves assume hues more than seven.
Green turns orange, black, red, even dark pink.
Having tea with bun is purely fun when.'

Read the entire poem here: https://literaryjuggernaut.com/2020/09/01/the-fall/

‘Each who has wronged me does deserve to be abhorred.
And so, not once will I ever want to think that
No one’s my foe and that world’s friendly, lovely, great.’

Read this poem from top to bottom first. Then, read it from bottom to top to know the poet’s perspective. Here’s the link: https://literaryjuggernaut.com/2021/01/20/love-and-hate/

'𝑨skew went the planning
𝑩ecause of our notions,
𝑪aused lots of lamenting
𝑫id soil our emotions;
𝑬dged then were our portions
𝑭acetious was fought fight,
𝑮one feelings then lotions
𝑯elped both to become light.'

You can read this abecedarian poem in its entirety by clicking here: https://literaryjuggernaut.com/2021/01/18/feelings-felt/

‘The crashing of the waves
Pummels the sandy beach
And blasts the granite rocks
As the spray swamps the realm'

This is an excerpt from a wonderfully evoked poem by English poet D A Simpson. Read the full poem by clicking here.

Excerpt: "Papa, wake up!” she whimpered, shaking her father furiously. She forgot how much of a heavy sleeper he was. When that failed, she tried her mother, but just as she was to cross over, a shadow walked past the window.

You can read this story in its entirety here: https://literaryjuggernaut.com/2021/01/17/cryptic-country/

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‘I saw thy awed eyes loudly doubting me
Isled, raw thy flawed sighs howled, in silence yelled
Eyed flawed, awful lies ruining me, thee
Thy augured thoughts then soundly themselves quelled.’

Read the sonnet in its entirety here: https://literaryjuggernaut.com/2021/01/16/i-saw-thy-awed-eyes/

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‘Remember what I say lest
You should fall from this canoe
That does look like a nest
To the men with wider view
But then I see exist you
Who win many a vile dare
You’ve lost your self, says the crew
That tells me you don’t care.’

PS: Read this ballade in its entirety by clicking here.

Book, Floaters, Fervour

‘On top of me life’s comedy- those jokers
in the deck that wreck our focus,
off my centre, miss the locus,
that’s the way they think they broke us,
Parliamentary hocus-pocus,
propaganda from the POTUS, all the things they think that 'woke us
don’t mean shit to laid-back smokers.’

Read the poem, along with a few other interesting ones, indited by English poet Jim Khan by clicking here.

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'Here’s Pongal, a festival that celebrates the Sun’s glory, might
Observed well by Indians, its epicentre sure being south
In mainly a state that bears those who employ an old tongue to mouth
Their praises and plaudits to yon great and mighty Sun giving light.'

You can read the poem in its entirety by clicking here: https://literaryjuggernaut.com/2021/01/14/hailing-the-suns-might-on-the-day-called-pongal/

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